Beautiful Sounds - Live Wedding Music Entertainment -Flute, Saxophone & Piano
A professional, classically trained flautist and saxophonist who uses her improvisational and playing by ear skills to create perfect melodies.
A professional pianist and cellist who combines her classical and playing by ear skills to provide unique, romantic musical accompaniment.

Beautiful Sounds will set the perfect mood for you at very competitive rates!

A wide range of clients: The Landmark Hotel, Bourne Hall, Blake Hall,  Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Nutfield Hotel, Sky Head Office, Bar du Vin, Boulevard Brasserie, Cru Restaurant, Airport House, Cramphorn Theatre, Jimmy Choo Head Office, Penny Hill Park, Ashtead Garden Centre, Maywood Restaurant, Little Bay, Lord Bagenal Hotel, Woodland Park Hotel to name a few!


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